What is a halogen lamp? Detailed explanation of the working principle of tungsten halogen lamp and the difference from other bulbs

2021-04-23 08:47:04 lighting 6

Although the tungsten halogen lamp looks very small, but it plays a very powerful role. However, some people still have questions, what is a tungsten halogen lamp?

1. What is the halogen tungsten lamp?

Tungsten halogen lamp is actually a kind of lamp filled with gas containing halogenated elements and halogen elements in the interior of the lamp. Under certain temperature conditions, the halogen tungsten lamp will generate tungsten and halogen-like substances through high-temperature evaporation. The corresponding reaction forms a volatile tungsten halide compound.

The halogen tungsten compound is actually a gaseous substance. When the gaseous substance of the halogen tungsten compound volatilizes into tungsten and halogen during the heating process, the tungsten halogen lamp can be recycled.

Second, the principle of tungsten halogen lamp

The process of the tungsten halogen cycle is as follows: Under appropriate temperature conditions, the tungsten evaporated from the filament reacts with halogen substances in the bubble wall area to form volatile tungsten halogen compounds.

Because the temperature of the bubble wall is high enough (250°C), the halogen tungsten compound is gaseous, and when the halogen tungsten compound diffuses to the warmer area around the filament, it differentiates into halogen and tungsten. The released tungsten part returns to the filament, and the halogen continues to participate in the cycle process.

Various halogens such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine can produce tungsten regeneration cycle. The main difference between them is that the temperature required for the cyclic reaction and the degree of interaction with other substances in the lamp are different. A variety of bromine tungsten lamps and iodine tungsten lamps are produced in large quantities. Some lamps also use chlorine as a circulating agent.

Three, the advantages and disadvantages of halogen tungsten lamps

Tungsten halogen lamps have the advantages of small size, luminous efficiency, stable color temperature, almost no light decay, and long life. Its working temperature is relatively high, and it is not suitable for places with dusty, flammable, explosive, corrosive environment, and places with vibration.

If you get hands or oil stains, the quartz glass will lose its luster, turn into a white turbid color, reduce the brightness, shorten the life span, or even break the glass shell.

Fourth, the difference between halogen tungsten lamps and halogen lamps

1. Different additives

The ordinary incandescent lamp we use will cause the evaporation of tungsten at high temperature, and the evaporated tungsten will precipitate on the glass bulb, making the bulb black. The halogen tungsten lamp has added some halogen elements or halides.

The tungsten halogen lamp is a gas-filled incandescent lamp filled with halide, which utilizes the reaction of the halogen tungsten compound after the temperature rises, avoiding the bulb from blacking, and also allowing the tungsten halogen lamp to be recycled.

The halogen lamp is a kind of incandescent lamp, but in the process of making the halogen lamp, some halogen gas such as bromine or iodine is added to the bulb. The tungsten filament of the halogen tungsten lamp sublimates at high temperature and the halogen element in the halogen bulb is generated. Corresponding chemical reaction, and the sublimated tungsten will re-solidify on the tungsten wire, thus forming a kind of cycle, avoiding the premature breakage of the tungsten wire due to heating.

2. The scope of use is different

Tungsten halogen lamps are generally used in banquet halls, gymnasiums, studios and other places that need to identify some colors and require high illumination.

The volume of the halogen lamp is small, the color temperature of the light-emitting effect is relatively stable and the light-emitting effect is high. It is usually used in places that need to be highlighted indoors, such as dining tables, dining places, and decorations that need to be highlighted.

3. Different lighting brightness

Tungsten halogen lamps are the third green lighting source after halogen lamps and incandescent lamps. Tungsten halogen lamps have a long service life, good color rendering and high light efficiency, and are widely used in underwater operations. As well as exploration and other fields, it has great advantages.

The halogen lamp is actually a second-generation lighting source. The strong light emitted by the halogen lamp is much higher than that of the incandescent lamp, and it can consume one-third of the energy. In terms of working principle, the halogen tungsten lamp is actually the same as the halogen lamp